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Marionette lines is a cosmetic procedure which fills the vertical lines that develop each side of the mouth under the chin, lifting, plumping and hydrating this area.

1ml - £70
2ml - £130
3ml - £190

Marionette lines can be treated with different non-surgical treatment options. The so-called ‘marionette lines’ are long vertical lines that commonly develop on each side of the chin as a result of the ageing process and other lifestyle factors. They get their name from marionette string puppets, which are known for having split jaws so puppeteers can open and close their mouths to make them look like they are talking.

The skin around your mouth is thinner compared with the rest of your face, so it is particularly prone to wrinkling. Marionette lines are caused by a combination of collagen breakdown and loss of elastin that leads to the loosening of skin in the cheeks and lower part of the face. People typically begin developing marionette lines in their late 30s or early 40s. In the early stages, marionette lines are barely visible, but as time goes by these creases can become very deep and noticeable. Once they have appeared, the only way to fix marionette lines is to get to the source of the problem.


Apply a cool compress to the treatment area (do not apply ice directly to the skin) for 10 minutes every half an hour on the day of treatment. Avoid any heat inducing activities for 24 hours such as strenuous exercise, spas, saunas and hot showers. Avoid pressure on the area for the first 48 hours (sleep on your back if possible, no face down massages). We recommend avoiding anti-inflammatory painkillers before and after the procedure as these can thin the blood and increase the risk of redness, swelling, bleeding and bruising. Ibuprofen and aspirin are the most well-known anti-inflammatory drugs. However, during your consultation it’s important that you let us know what medication you’re taking so we can advise on possible contraindications (situations in which you should avoid taking your medication).


From £70


45 mins


48 Hours


4 - 6 months

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