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Lip filler 0.5ml or 1.1ml can be used to enhance the size of the lip but it can also be used to create better lip symmetry, create definition, and/or improve the overall shape.

As a lip filler model you can add definition into your lips and regain youthful plumpness at a discounted price. Dermal fillers can be injected into the lips to tackle a whole host of different imperfections such as asymmetry, smokers lines, wrinkled lips, and adding definition to the cupids bow. This popular and relatively simple and non-surgical procedure is a great option for those who require a quick enhancement to their lower face.

Shaping involves injecting thin linear streaks of soft dermal filler superficially across the ‘vermillion border’ surrounding the lips. This is ideal for those with little shape, fine perioral lines, subtle changes of enhancing mild shape that already exists. Volumisation involves injecting deeper into the ‘wet-dry’ border of the lips to add substance to wasted areas, and can even create a ‘soft-pout’ when injected centrally. Volumisation can also be combined with shaping.


Lip filler after-care is something that is concerned for many people after they have had lip injections. This type of cosmetic injectable injection has become increasingly popular in modern times and this article is dedicated to helping resolve some of those concerns and answer those questions. On the first day stick to foods that are easy to eat and chew, this means you’re less likely to have to wipe your lips and disturb the injection site. Avoid vitamin E supplements for a couple of days as this can increase the risk of bruising. On the whole lip injections do not damage lips, the filler used (hyaluronic acid) is a naturally occurring acid which gets slowly absorbed by the body. Any damage caused to the lips is usually by poor technique created by the person doing the injections. Swellings, lumps and bumps around the lips can be a sign of this type of problem


From £180


30 mins


48 days


6 - 8 months

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